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Posted by on 05/12/2014

After the strange disappearance of my Lemon Drizzle Cake earlier this term I was delighted that the Key Stage 1 children were able to investigate the mystery. I was very surprised that squirrels like cake and that one had taken mine.


The Hilltop Bake-Off this week, however, has been a great success. Mrs Walter and I sampled the cakes that the classes had made and at assembly this afternoon we announced the winner. Although all of the cakes were wonderful and very tasty, a lemony cake with a smiling face on the top made us grin and tasted delicious.

Class 4 were the winners!

I joined Class 4 for afternoon tea today and we all enjoyed sitting round one big table to share the winning cake. Mmmmm…


P.S. The cake is supposed to look like me!!!!!!        

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